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The Donut is 11.5 inches in diameter, which makes it more buoyant. It takes 12 pounds of force to pull the Donut under water. Some competitors have reduced the size of their floats in order to save money, but this reduces the amount of buoyancy. Catfish are bottom feeders and like to stay on the bottom. When a catfish is hooked it will normally head for deeper water. The added buoyancy on the Catfish Donut will wear the fish out faster.  Because of this, the catfish will return to a depth where it doesn’t have to struggle as much. In addition, our patented design allows you to use a drag to slow down the fish.  In addition to tiring the fish out even faster, the fish will be unable to move the Donut very far, which means you don’t have to waste your time running all over the lake searching for your floats. The Catfish Donut is constructed from closed cell polyethylene as opposed to Styrofoam, which has been banned by the Core of Engineers.  Finally, our design allows you to tie off your Donut without nicking your line and your line can not come loose and reel off your float.  The versatility and added buoyancy of the Catfish Donut make it the best flip float on the market!

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